We deliver two types paediatric first aid courses: 

1.Paediatric First Aid that meets OFSTED requirements and 2. Emergency paediatric first aid

The paediatric first aid training is OFSTED approved. You can be sure you will be fully compliant. The course takes 12 hours. The paediatric first aid certificate is valid for three years.

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Weekly: 09:45-17:00

London (2 venues)

£90 (ex. VAT) |  £108 (inc. VAT)

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The certificate is valid for 3 years

Cancel or reschedule 7 days prior to the course free of charge. 

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Our Paediatric First Aid Course is OFSTED approved. This First Aid course is specifically designed for those looking to register with OFSTED. Our blended learning option allows you to attend for one day instead of two, saving you time and money.  You will complete 6 hours online and 6 hours face to face with a trainer.  Click below to see availability on our open course calendar. 


​Our 6 hour Emergency Paediatric First Aid  course is a great introduction to First Aid and dealing with emergency situations that arise with children and babies. It’s 6 hour training. 
We are one of the top providers of Paediatric First Aid training in London! We are always to tailor the courses to your environment which helps you manage and prevent these accidents as much as possible.


Our Paediatric First aid training Online courses is basic paediatric first aid training course available and is suitable for all people working with children at some capacity in an official setting, grandparents, parents or anyone who has daily contact with children. 
This course does NOT qualify you as a first aider. It helps you refresh your knowledge if you did paediatric FA course previously. 

Which Paediatric course do I need?

As you may have already seen, we run two different paediatric courses here at Siren Training; the Emergency Paediatric First Aid course and the Paediatric First Aid course – OFSTED approved. The main difference between the two is the OFSTED course is an extended course which covers more subject areas. The course is designed to comply with OFSTED regulations, as such the course is most suited for teachers working in schools, nannies and au pairs. While the basic  course is best suited to private nannies and parents. 

How long the certificate is valid for?

Paediatric first aid certificate is valid for 3 years. 


Why choose Siren Paediatric First Aid Course?

Are you looking for one of the best first aid training courses in London? Siren Training are the team to contact. We are a dedicated company who organise fun, practical and cost effective first aid training courses in London and beyond. First aid is a very important subject and we have recognised that, which is why we are incredibly devoted to providing the very best first aid training courses in London that we can.

The trainers that carry out our first aid training courses in London and across the country are all very professional in their work. You will be taught by expert emergency service trainers who the best hands on experience in first aid, so you know you are being taught by true experts who have the best practical knowledge. We have a team of over 70 instructors who carry out first aid training courses in London and across the UK and Ireland. Our instructors all come from various professional backgrounds including: Paramedics, NHS and the Armed Forces. All our instructors are very passionate about what they do and have the drive to share their knowledge with everyone. At Siren Training, we only employ the very best instructors who will make it easy for you to learn your new skills in an interesting and exciting learning environment.

The main point of our first aid training courses in London is to ensure you feel confident when faced with a life threatening situation.  At Siren Training, we believe everyone should have the skills and confidence to act in an emergency, which is why we carry out the best first aid training courses in London. Our training courses teach you how to cope and feel confident enough to deal with any life threatening first aid emergencies.

One of the first aid training courses in London we carry out is the 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work course. This course may be the most basic out of all the courses we offer, but still teaches you some very valuable first aid skills that will aid you if you are ever faced with a life threatening situation. This course is the most basic out of all the different first aid training courses we offer at Siren Training and helps you meet the requirements set out in the Health and Safety regulations of 1981. It is the perfect introductory course and is aimed towards individuals who work within a “low risk”/office based environment. If the student successfully completes the 20 question multiple choice exam and each student is awarded a HSE recognised certificate which is valid for 3 years.

If you are interested in our first aid training courses in London, feel free to contact Siren Training today. Either give us a call on 0203 740 8088


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Quality Assurance

Why choose Siren Training

We are one the leading first aid training providers in London. We always put our customer in the center of our work.  We deliver the highest quality first aid, fire safety and mental health first aid training across different industries.   


Our mission is to provide relaxed, practical and cost-effective training. Our First Aid and Fire Safety instructors mostly hail from the emergency services who have dealt with these topics in a real-life situation. Who better to deliver this type of training? All our training courses are accredited and certified for 3 years.


Siren Training was established by a group of Firefighters with real life First Aid / Fire Safety knowledge. Our team operates across whole of the UK and Ireland with various backgrounds including: Paramedics, NHS, Police and the Armed Forces. Our Mental Health First Aid trainers are qualified by MHFA England.

Save Money

Some of the key objectives for many organisations is to get quality training at an affordable price. Time constraints also play a part in booking courses. Siren has more availability than most other training providers. You choose a date and we will nearly always be available. Compare our prices too!

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1 day Emergency First Aid Training

If you work in a low risk environment such as an office, retail, corporation or you want to attend a First Aid course but don’t have much time, you can book our basic 1 day Emergency First Aid training which lasts only six hours.

Blended First Aid at Work

blended first aid at work

This is a blended first aid at work course, meaning that most of the theoretical aspects of the course are done online. The practical aspects of the course will be done face-to-face, in the classroom. You will receive a fully accredited certificate.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental health first aid is designed to support people who experience ill mental health. The person who is trained as a Mental Health First Aider is able to help someone who is experiencing mental health issues as well as try to prevent. 

Fire Marshal Training

Our fire marshal training courses in London can be held at your venue or ours. Training from a real firefighter covering the full roles and responsibilities of a fire marshal in the workforce. Our fire marshal training  last 3 hours. 

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